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Barphani VitliGon Combo3- VitiliGon Cream 6, VitliGon Tab 60, AarogyaPlus Tab 90, ShankhpushpiPlus Tab 60 For Vitiligo White Patches & Re-Pigmentation

Barphani VitliGon Combo3- VitiliGon Cream 6, VitliGon Tab 60, AarogyaPlus Tab 90, ShankhpushpiPlus Tab 60 For Vitiligo White Patches & Re-Pigmentation

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Presenting Researched, Tested & Proven Barphani VitliGon Combo. This potent combination for Vitiligo, discolouration and white patches on skin is a result of 30+ years of continuous research by qualified Ayurvedic practitioners who have consulted thousands of Vitiligo cases over the years. Effective Vitiligo management requires a holistic approach rather than isolated or just symptomatic one to get best outcomes. Hence we have this potent combination specially formulated for giving faster and better results in Vitiligo. 

Barphani VitliGon Cream- Applied topically. Helps pigmentation, helps restrict spread, helps strengthen melanocytes.

Barphani VitliGon Tablets - Consumed orally. Helps pigmentation, helps restrict spread and promotes melanin production.

Barphani Aarogya Plus - Helps balance the immunity which when imbalanced causes this condition due to triggers.

For the users who suffer with stress should order our Barphani VitliGon Combo 3 or Barphani VitliGon Combo4 which has the Ultimate Stress Buster Barphani Shankhpushpi Plus, included in it. It helps reduce the possibility of spread due to stress. Stress is one of the biggest trigger and there are many studies done. For those with stress must ensure that their stress levels are always under control as sudden changes may affect the immunity system adversely which can cause the patches to increase rapidly. Thanks to the scientific research, we now have a reliable, non habit forming Barphani Shankhpushpi Plus product to keep the stress under check, always! 

All our products are 100% Natural, Herbal & safe for all age groups. No Steroids, No Side Effects. 

Thousands of people have used these products over the years. They work as an excellent therapy for Vitiligo. The combination of cream and tablets together helps re-pigmentation of affected skin areas, restrict the spread and gain the original skin colour back.

IMPORTANT: As every user and his/her body 'pravrutti' is different, the time and scale of the outcomes may vary from person to person. Not everyone is same and not everyone gets the same outcome. Some may see changes faster than others and some may not even get any changes and it's totally possible, that's how this condition is!

For better results, follow the instructions below or as directed by a physician.

Apply the VitliGon Ointment 2-3 times a day on all the affected and surrounding areas. The best times are after the bath and before sleeping in the night. Expose the affected area to the natural sunlight after the application. Better results are observed with this. The ointment must be massaged gently on all the affected areas till it gets absorbed fully.

Take 2 VitliGon Tablets daily - 1 in the morning after breakfast and 1 in the evening after dinner. 

Take 3 Aarogya Plus Tablets Daily - 1 in the morning after breakfast, 1 after lunch and 1 after dinner. 

Take 2 Shankhpushpi Plus Tablets Daily - 1 in the morning after breakfast or lunch and 1 after dinner. Take 1 spoon Cow Ghee with it for better results. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Suresh Sharma

Bahot hi badhiya results he 2 months me. First month me itna jada asar nahi dikha. 2nd month ke aakhari aakhari se side side se pigmentation ki shuruwat huyi..iske baad kafi accha progress he. Naye cream aur tablets se kahi sudhar he.

Maha j

Excellent results in just 2 months. The spread has stopped and lips are already getting pink from white. Followed the advise on medicines and diet. Really helping me. I'm very happy.
Never expected such good results so soon.


Ruksar khan

Best treatment for Vitiligo so far. Getting fast pigmentation on neck, face and hands. Much faster than what Barphani doctors initially commented. Feeling confident again. No words to express the happiness and gratitude.

Rahul Roy

Fantastic results in 1 month. They said the visible results will be after 3 months, but i started seeing results from 3rd week onward itself. Very happy. Pigmentation happening very well on hands and face.

Niraj Gupta

Excellent pigmentation in 2months compared with other treatments i have taken for almost 4cuears. My 7 year old spots also reducing. The medicines with cream and diet has definitely helped me. I trust Barphani team. They are thorough professionals.