Cold Sores Treatment

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Cold sores are a common skin condition that is caused by the herpes simplex virus. While there is no cure for cold sores, there are various treatments that can help to reduce their appearance and speed up the healing process. In this blog post, we will explore some of the best cold sore treatments available on the market today. We will also discuss how to use these products effectively and provide tips for preventing cold sores from occurring in the first place. Read on to learn more!


Ointments and creams

One of the most popular cold sore treatments is an ointment or cream that can be applied directly to the affected area. These products work by helping to soothe the pain and irritation associated with cold sores. They can also help to reduce the redness and swelling.


Antiviral medication

A prescription antiviral cream or ointment can speed up the healing of the sores. These medications can also help reduce the duration and frequency of future outbreaks.

Some people experience fewer and less severe cold sore outbreaks after taking antiviral medication daily for several months. In some cases, continuing to take the medication indefinitely may be necessary to prevent future breakouts.


Pain relief

Apply a lip balm or cream containing a drying agent, such as camphor, eucalyptus oil, menthol, phenol, or tea tree oil. This may speed healing and help relieve pain. Apply it every two hours for the best results. Corticosteroid cream. Apply this medication to your sores three times a day for five days to help reduce swelling and speed up healing.


Cold sore patches

These are available over the counter and can help shorten healing time. They work by absorbing the fluid from cold sores and creating a barrier that protects the sore from further irritation.


Laser therapy

A laser can be used to speed up the healing process of cold sores. The laser light penetrates the skin and helps to break down the viral cells.

This treatment is usually done in a doctor’s office or clinic. It is a quick, painless procedure with few side effects.

In this procedure, a doctor uses a high-intensity light beam to target and destroy the herpes simplex virus. Laser therapy is usually only used for people who have frequent or severe cold sore outbreaks.


Home remedies

Some people find that home remedies, such as applying a warm, damp cloth to the sores, help speed up healing time. Others swear by using lip balm or petroleum jelly to keep the sores moist and prevent cracking.



The best way to prevent cold sores is to avoid close contact with people who have them. If you must be around someone with a cold sore, try not to touch their skin or kiss them.

There are some things you can do to help prevent cold sores:

  • Avoid sharing cups, plates, or utensils with someone who has a cold sore.
  • Avoid kissing someone who has a cold sore.
  • Do not touch your cold sore and then touch your eyes. Wash your hands if you do touch     your cold sore.
  • Do not share lip balm or lipstick with someone who has a cold sore.



There are various cold sore treatments available that can help to reduce the duration and severity of an outbreak. In most cases, these treatments can be purchased over the counter or online. If you have frequent or severe cold sore outbreaks, you may want to speak to a doctor about prescription treatment options. Remember to practice good hygiene and to avoid sharing utensils or cups with someone who has a cold sore to help prevent the spread of the virus.

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